The Real Problem isn't Trump EDIT: HE IS the problem, but not the only one.

This post isn't about my political stance or who I'm voting for come November though you can probably take a wild guess. This presidential race and campaign has been nothing but stress inducing and some people are understandably confused, directing their hatred to one person (Trump) instead of the bigger issues at play here. Trump is a horrendous human being, there is absolutely no doubt about that. He has incited racist chants and behavior in his rallies, and keeps promising to make "America great again." America was not great. America represents the institution of slavery and Jim Crow laws. And a multitude of other injustices. My fellow Americans, this is America. And sadly many of us still deny it. That is the real problem. And this business typhoon's popularity doesn't waver. We have to ask ourselves why? How has he made it THIS far? Well, my fellow believers in equality, those who believe America has yet to reach a state of "greatness" (and perhaps never will), that's because this swine, as disgusting and undeserving of leading our nation as he is, is a representation of everything that is wrong with our society, a brutal history that treats people of color or anyone who is not a white man as second (or third or fourth) class citizens. THAT is the problem. 

Most recently they released an audio and video of Trump openly discussing how his fame allows him to sexually harass women. Of course he didn't care he was being recorded. And of course his language was vomit inducing. Once the audio was leaked, he called it "locker room talk" and had the audacity to recently reiterate this "locker room talk" explanation during the last presidential debate (the one during which he dodged every question and ranted about unrelated topics). There's no doubt that when I heard the tape of Trump's "locker room talk" I was disgusted but unsurprised.

Maybe that's what Clinton needed to earn every single woman's vote. But I doubt it. The harsh reality is that society, WE, give men with power, especially white men, the authority to do as they please. After all, Trump's wealth and race is the real reason he's the Republican candidate for PRESIDENCY. He has proven money=power. Isn't MONEY, POWER, RESPECT the key to life anyway? The Lox, Lil Kim, and DMX taught us that in 1998. 

Sure Hillary can call Trump out for his lewd behavior, we are all slapping him on the wrist, "bad boy." Yet that is all any one of us can do. Besides, how can Hillary tackle what's really wrong with our society when she has benefited from it herself? So instead of us, the educated public, taking this opportunity to rip off the mask to reveal our society's REAL problems we result to calling Donald a pig and blaming the pig for being a pig and taking advantage of all society has allowed him (i.e. Pays no federal tax and he simply Kanye shrugged and responded "that means I'm smart."). What's the bigger issue at play here?

Trump is appalling. His behavior is appalling. But constantly shouting him out for this doesn't do much to change the game, nor does it get to the core of the issue. His money has given him his power, his power makes him immune to the laws and rules the rest of us need to abide by, and this earns him the undeserving respect and secret admiration we are all baffled by. THAT is what people strive for in our society and this is what he represents. Unfortunately this kind of "locker room talk" comes with the territory and although white men are the one with the most access to America's wealth and more likely to benefit from it, this "talk" isn't limited to them. In fact, this "talk" is not new. When men are amongst other men oftentimes their masculinity needs to be proven or they risk being excluded and ostracized. Masculinity is often questioned and proven through sexuality and money, and talk like this "locker room talk" is commonplace. By not participating in this behavior men are not only ostracized, they are feminized, ridiculed, and considered less of a "man" than his counterparts, than those who demean women by bragging about a multitude of sexual partners. Men who talk about building a partnership, who speak of love and respect, get no respect from other men. That's how we define masculinity. And although this man is a real pig who does not deserve or have the expertise or qualifications to lead our nation, this fiasco sheds light on the real issue here: our society is messed up on so many levels. Men who are not white or rich also behave in this manner. I've heard it myself. I've even heard it coming out of the mouths of men I would otherwise respect. So when Trump says "that was just locker room talk" in response to this video of him, there are millions of men who understand what he means even though it baffles many of us, and millions of women who applaud this behavior. 

We live in a white supremacist patriarchy capitalist society. And within this structure this talk is normalized. It ridicules men and labels them as feminine if they respect women and talk about love. A white supremacist patriarchy capitalist society blames the rape victim, "it must've been what she was wearing" and secretly applauds Trump for grabbing women "by the pu***". Sure, Trump's a pig. You're right. He's grotesque and vulgar. He has no experience and is under-qualified to be president but this happens everyday on a smaller scale. And sure, I'm with HER, and there's no way in hell I would vote for him but the issue remains the same as our society has remained unchanged. He represents everything that was and still is WRONG with this country. And to combat that requires real change, an up-haul of our system, every aspect of our society, and simply calling Trump a pig (although he is deserving of that title) doesn't change anything. He's a pig who represents everything wrong with this country yet is admired and cheered on millions of mostly white men and women, the confused others. Why is that? That's the real issue.  And is the perfect reason to start a revolution.