With coffee in my hand and a funny face... this is how you can find me.

The Nuyorican Writer

is my form of activism. it is my response to being Nuyorican and a classroom teacher in NYC and becoming increasingly frustrated our education system. During my most difficult moments both as a student and teacher, I've personally endured social injustices, the same affecting my students. During my most difficult times I often questioned the whereabouts of contemporary Nuyorican voices like mine, teachers of color struggling to cope with the social injustices many of them and their students faced.  

Here I am, decades after the migration of so many Puerto Ricans to NYC, many of us first, second, or even third generation, yet many our struggles as a culture, as aN "other" remain the same.

The Nuyorican Writer

is my form of activism to show that although our voices are constantly smothered by a present identity and cultural crisis here in New York city, we must stand up in solidarity and speak out against social injustice.